Live Performances

Ari Paul Magic



Do you want to have fun, smile, laugh and be amazed?! That is what Ari makes you do!! Ari Paul is a full time interactive comic magician and mentalist whom blends comedy and improv into each show making for a great and Fun time! Ari is an entertainer that has been featured on Fox news,  ABC,  NBC and been hired by and performed for companies such as  Comcast,  QVC,  The Philadelphia Phillies and numerous major Hotels.

Jon Bandish Art


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Phil DiWiliams



 In this lesson, artist Phil DiWilliams will give a demonstration on how to create the illusion of street receding into space, using the technique known as One Point Perspective. This lesson will move at a careful pace, so that beginner or intermediate artists, from ages 10 to 100, can follow along without trouble. The artist will learn how to draw buildings, trees, and sidewalks, all seemingly moving farther and farther away from the viewer. After completing the drawing, the artists at home can feel free to color however they'd like!  The lesson will take 30-40 minutes, and the artist will need a pencil, an eraser, a piece of unlined drawing paper, and a ruler or straight-edge.

Coastal and Local Art.  Specializing in a mix of traditional and contemporary painting, Jon's art is about a love for Nature.  Most of his work is about his love for the ocean and all things about the beach, he is the Jimmy Buffett of seascapes, he also loves his native Philadelphia and Pennsylvania countryside.  
Instagram: @jonbandishart
Etsy: @jonbandishart

Eileen McDonnell


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Using minimal compositional strategies, this quick exercise attempts to assist artists prior to making their first mark on their chosen supports.

Whitemarsh Arts Center


Join Whitemarsh Art Center Executive Director Hadley Yates for a tutorial on Pattern Making, with paper! Fun for children ages 7-12.

Michael Gray


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Join Mike for a live photography class! Mike specializes in nature, athletics, weddings and political photography but can be hired for just about any occasion

FB: Michael Gray Fotografy

Insta: _grayfoto_